Lindsay Line has a history going back 30 years to when I decided to have a change in career direction based on a desire to work for myself. I had picked up some ideas during a year travelling around Australia where I had been attracted to casual wear with personalised appliqué designs.

Back in Scotland I tested the local market with a small range of sweatshirts with appliqué designs. The work involved convinced me that my sourced sweatshirts had to be of good quality to ensure that the time required to produce the final appliquéd product was worthwhile.

This commitment to only sourcing quality suppliers has been a key aspect of my business approach ever since.

Following several years of mainly supplying wholesale to other outlets I decided to sell direct to the public and acquired a shop in my hometown of Kirkcudbright in South West Scotland.

With my by now wide range of designs as the core product I expanded the shop stock range with the inclusion of various types of ladies casual wear.

The shop has now been open for well over 20 years and provides both local and tourist shoppers an exciting range of quality casual wear whilst still maintaining the very personal touch of a truly independent outlet.